I have been doodling and designing since I have been a little girl. I would sometimes stay up all night as a teen, just drawing and making card designs and writing poems (or love letters to my then favorite teen bopper star). I grew up in Minnesota where my dad had a photography studio in our home. I set off into the world and got a degree in graphic design. Life took me to Guatemala for 7 years to help my family’s non profit organization, Common Hope. I returned to the states and lived in Miami for several years. I knew I wanted to start my own business of photography. I successfully blended my love of art with my love of photography. I moved back to good ole’ Minnesota in 2001 and began my new and improved photography studio here…. again. Even though photography is what I enjoy the most, I cannot leave my love of design behind. Wanting to create designs for other photographers to make thier life easier began the birth of photoDEZIGN… the rest is history.

To see my work, visit my website at anniemariephotography.com